An oasis of peace.

A delight for all your senses.

The true essence of Finca la Palmera unfolds in our enchanting garden—a paradise where 10 palm trees, numerous fruit trees, and a myriad of  bushes and flowers create a colourful retreat.

Discover various furnished, covered, and open-air terraces where you can enjoy the sun, while being surrounded by lush vegetation, the cent of flowers and birds singing.


In our vegetable patch, we embrace the principles of permaculture, connecting with the seasons and joyfully witnessing the growth of our food.

Thanks to the perpetual mild climate, our surroundings remain green and adorned with blossoms throughout the year


A highlight of our oasis is the yoga deck nestled among four pine trees, complete with inviting hammocks. Whether you're beginning your day with meditation, stretching out after work, or indulging in a Spanish-style siesta, this is the perfect spot.

I cannot remember the last time that I was able to rest and recover so much. I just enjoyed being in the Finca; working online, spending time on the yoga platform reading or just lying and observing the wind in the trees, taking evening walks on the beach and swim in the ocean and enjoying wonderful company. For sure a true healing place!