Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Eco-living?
Eco-living stands for ecological co-living. We are a non-profit organization with the aim to improve your overall wellbeing through the experience of living together in community and in harmony with nature.
For more info visit our Philosophy and Mission pages.
2What is Finca la Palmera?
Finca la Palmera is the home of our Eco-living project. It is a 2800m² plot of land with a reformed 200 year old former farm house, a more newer building and several terraces surrounded by a beautiful garden with palm trees. Find out more on Co-living
3Who is Eco-living Finca la Palmera for?
Anyone who is wanting to be part of a little community in a rural environment with a focus on sustainability.
We have welcomed remote workers, digital nomads, freelancers and creatives. People on a sabbatical, reorienting themselves, writing a book, training for a marathon, wanting a break from their routines, needing to get out of the city, seeing if Spain is a place they want to move to.
If you feel the calling, it is for you!
4Is there a minimum stay?
Yes, the minimum stay is 1 month. We recommend staying 2-3 months though. Mostly it takes a week or two to settle in. Once you get into the rhythm of live here, have made some new friends and realize that there are so many things you want to see and only 2 weekends left you will want to extend :-)
5How much does it cost to stay?
Here is where you find more about our Rooms & Rates
6Can I share my room with someone?
Yes. All our rooms are private rooms. If you are 2 people, just make sure you reserve a double room. If you are coming by yourself and have a friend visiting for a few days that’s possible too. In that case you can reserve a single room and pay an extra fee of € 25/night for the visitor. Please let us know about it in advace.
7How do I get there and around?
We are located in a rural area without direct access to public transport.
Find our exact location here.

The best way is to arrive by car. Should you not be driving here with your own vehicle you can either rent a car at the airport or contact us for a recommendation of monthly car rentals from € 350/month. The closest airports are (Jerez de la Frontera, Gibraltar, Sevilla and Málaga).

If driving is not an option or you, you can get a bus from one o the next bigger cities Algeciras or Cádiz, to Tahivilla. Here you can find the bus times. We will do our best to pick you up from there (it is a 10 minute drive).

Once you are at the Finca you can move around the village and the beautiful countryside by walking or cycling. We have 2 very basic bicycles here for your use. It is a 20 min cycle/40 min walk to the beach. Hitch hiking is common here too and of course there are the other community members that might give you a lift.
Everything you need, you will find within walking distance. However if you have the desire to explore the area or engage in any specific activities it is best to arrange for your own mobility.
8How can I make a reservation?
Just fill out the reservation form and we will get back to you with the booking details. We do our best to respond to every request within 24 hours, if it urgent or last minute, don’t hesitate to call us.
9What is there to do in the area?
Plenty! Have a look at our Experiences to get an impression.
10Are there communal activities?
Yes! We love to share our passion for the area, different sports, organizing a workshop and generally doing things as a group. What exactly we do is together is always depending on the interests of everyone staying and the weather conditions. We highly incourage everyone to bring in their own ideas and things you want to share. It is all optional though, so you can just have chill out and relax in your free time or we can help you book whatever local experience it is that you are interested in as an individual.
11How does the food shopping work?
The cooking basics (salt, oil, herbs,..) are provided.
Everything else needs to be purchased individually.
There is a small grocery store 3 minutes walking distance from the Finca. We have several merchants passing by our front door, selling local products (Bread every Monday, fruit and veg every Wednesday, Fish every Friday,…).
The bigger supermarket is in Zahara de los Atunes, a 5 min drive/20 min cycle. If you are without a car we can take you once a week for the shopping.
12Do you organize communal meals?
Yes! Usually we organize one bigger dinner per week at the Finca (BBQ or Paella if the weather permits), inviting also some people from outside of the coliving. We also like to take everyone out for tapas in one of the restaurants in the area. And of course we love it if you want to cook for the co-living family, sharing a specialty of your country or your favourite dish.
13Are you pet friendly?
Yes and no. We have a very friendly, super cute and playful young border collie mix, Milo as a permanent resident at the Finca. He is contributing to the good vibes in the coliving and tries his best to cheer you up or lure you away from the screen for a quick round of fetch. Respecting his space and needs we do not accept other dogs to reside in the Finca. If you are wanting to come with a pet other than a dog, let us know and we will look into it.
14What are the house rules?
1. Keep everything clean & tidy
2. Be mindful of each other
3. Do not feed the dog
4. Enjoy!
15Do you have an office?
No. We have several co-working areas throughout the Finca: A big table in the communal area, sveral covered and open air terraces with tables and chairs and you can also work from your room if you need more privacy. There is strong and reliable fiber line internet throughout the whole premises and power plugs. Any equipment you need for work (screens, keyboards,..) you will need to bring with you.
16What is the Wifi speed?
Depending on where in the Finca you are it is between 30 and 100 Mbps.
17How does the cleaning work?
The communal areas are being cleaned 3 times per week. The cleaning of the room is your own responsibility. We provide the necesary equipment, eco-friendly cleaning products , toilet paper and bin bags.
18What is the climate like in the area?
We have a Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers and mild winters . The Costa del Sol is privileged with an average temperature of 18,4ºC, over 300 sunny days per year. Thanks to the wind the temperatures in summer hardly ever rise above 30ºC and in winter never gets below 0ºC.

Daily teperatures being 10ºC – 17ºC in winter and 17ºC to 28º in summer. There is an average of 8,2 hours of sunshine per day and 6,5 days of rain per month that occur during October-May. From June to September usually it never rains. The water temperature avarages 18,6ºC, lowest being 15ºC in March and highest 22ºC in August.

We are famouse for being a windy place, gereat for kite and windsurfing all year round. Waves hit our coastline from October to May, so this is the surf season here.
19Do you have heating in winter?
Since the winters here are mild and it is not necesssary we do not have heating. We do have a fire place in the communal area though wich adds to the coziness.
20Do you have aircon in summer?
No. All rooms are equipped with fans and the house is built in a way to stay cool in summer. Thanks to the wind along the coast we never reach the high temperatures of inland towns in Spain and therefore do not need aircon.
21Can I volunteer at the Finca?
Yes! Building and maintaining a sustainable community with good vibes takes some effort and we love to welcome people who want to support us on this journey!
We are looking for a social and empathic person who is keen on engaging actively in our ecological community project and happy to commit for a minimum of 3 months. We can offer you a 66 % discount on your stay in exchange for a couple of hours of your time, 5 days a week. Tasks include organizing communal activities and meals, helping people settle in here, watering plants and possibly looking after the Milo (the Finca dog) when I am not here.
If this sounds like you, we look forward to hearing from you!
22Can I just use the co-working/kitchen/garden without booking a room?
No. Our facilities are made to accommodate a maximum of 10 people and this matches with the capacity of the rooms. We prefer quality to quantity and want to ensure everyone has enough personal space within the house and garden. But if you are already in the area and want to get to know our community or participate in an activity we organize, feel free to get in touch!