High-speed internet in a slow-paced environment: the perfect setup for success

There is fast and reliable fiber line internet access (100/80 Mbps) at our rural Eco-living. It is smartly distributed with various antennas and routers throughout the whole Finca. This way you can choose to work from wherever turns out to be your favourite spot or even move around during your workday.



Cozy corners

Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor, sun or shade, covered or open air, there are plenty of options for you.

Pick your favourite co-working area: the big wooden table in the communal area, one of the many terraced spaces or the privacy of your own room.

Please note that while we provide the infrastructure, we are not equipped as an office.

Any equipment you need for your job you will have to bring along.

I spent a wonderful month here, met great people and the best dog ever, Milo, had laughs and walks, dinners, great conversation, a chill place to read and work, a wonderful garden with hammocks and palm trees and all thanks to Steffi and Finca la Palmera. A great place for co-living & co-working and enjoying the Spanish south.