Feel at home, retreat from stress and
overstimulation, ground yourself and relax.

Our aim is to provide a nurturing environment that encourages healing and personal growth. It is a space where you can be yourself and work on whatever your current project is while being supported by the community and inspired by the beautiful surroundings.


I am Stefanie

the proud owner of Finca la Palmera and founder of Eco-living.

I've always dreamed of finding the most beautiful place in the world and building a homebase for myself and others.

A group of people, all sitting together on a big table, sharing food, stories and laughter, having a good time - that was my vision.

After years of traveling and working in the hospitality sector, I stumbled upon Tarifa and the Coast of Light - my personal paradise where I've been based since 2014.



In 2019 I discovered the Finca la Palmera and instantly fell in love with the place.

Turning this vision into reality was a challenging but rewarding journey that included renovating this almost 200 year old gem, building a new roof, clearing land, setting up an irrigation system and much more.

A venture only possible thanks to the amazing support of family, friends, neighbours and volunteers - a community project right from the very start.

I am forever grateful for having been able to create this magical space and am excited to share it with you!


I needed some time away from my regular life and to be in a social environment away from any big city and this place really helped me to refocus my thoughts while still being able to do my work remotely. It was exactly the place I needed to find myself, make new friends, experience the south of Spain, to work and to recharge. I loved my stay in the Finca!